How to identify pure silk saree?

How to identify pure silk saree?

There are several ways to identify a pure silk saree:

  1. Feel the fabric: Pure silk has a smooth and soft texture. It should feel cool to the touch, and drapes well.

  2. Look at the color: Pure silk will have a rich, deep color that is consistent throughout the fabric.

  3. Check for the sheen: Pure silk has a natural sheen that is not found in other fabrics.

  4. Burn test: A simple test to identify pure silk is by burning a small piece of the fabric. Pure silk will burn with a small flame, will curl and turn to ash.

  5. Look for the ‘Silk Mark’: The Silk Mark of India is a symbol of purity and genuineness of silk. The Silk Mark is an assurance of pure silk, and is issued by the Central Silk Board of India.

  6. Check the price: Pure silk sarees are usually more expensive than other types of sarees, so be aware of prices that seem too good to be true.

It's important to note that even if you have a pure silk saree, the zari or the embroidery on it may not be pure. So it's always a good idea to check for the authenticity of the zari and the embroidery separately.

When you buy online, it is difficult to verify some of the tests above. And thats why at Jaffy's Collection, we offer pure silk sarees with 'Silk Mark Certification'. Please ask our staff if you have any doubts.


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